Best new helmets for every NFL team

By Joal Ryan
Published: 12:00 PM January 25, 2022
Ted Hyman

Want to see something cool? Here's something cool: a gallery of new football helmet designs for all 32 NFL teams, from the Arizona Cardinals to the Washington Football Team.   

The helmets for the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots and more are the work of 247Sports designer Ted Hyman. His concept art was first featured on his Instagram page, @tedhymanimages.

The helmets are ordered as per the 2021 NFL campaign's final regular-season standings, from the teams with the worst won-loss records to the teams with the best. 

Sometimes, to really show off how awesome the new designs are, we give you a side-by-side look at how one of Ted Hyman's concept helmets compares to the real thing. It's something to see. So, go see 'em!